I post resources for educators, and occasionally blog about education. My background is language pedagogy (particularly French and Latin), so that’s the primary perspective.

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Knowledge is our collective domain. Restricting access to information, especially educational materials, creates at best an inequitable society, and at worst classist oppression. All materials posted on this site (excluding personal information) are therefore published under Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-NC-SA, permitting the non-commercial sharing and altering of the materials so long as author attribution is maintained.

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About the author

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Hello there! My name is Mike. I’m simply an educator trying to push the boundaries of language pedagogy. Teacher-researcher with graduate degrees in Linguistics and French. I’ve taught French, Latin, and linguistics.

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Academic Interests

L2 acquisition, critical theory, multilingualism, digital education, ossified languages, learning through play, antiracist pedagogy


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